Reviews Gluck’s Orfeo ed Euridice, Juventus Lyrica (2016)

Hernán Schvartzman conducted the orchestra with fluent tempi and a great sense of integrity, intelligence, inspiration and good technique. He allowed a rich and colourful sound world.

Graciela Morgenstern. Argentinean Association of Musical Reviewers.

Young maestro Hernán Schvartzman has a vast experience in the music both the 17th and 18th Century. A smaller and more intimate sound and a constant work on the dynamics, with fidelity to the style of the time, that priorities the beauty of the sound, allowed us to appreciate the orchestra.

Eduardo Balestena. Argentinean Association of Musical Reviewers.

The music sounded exquisite.

Fernando Johann. Geoteatral

Gluck’s Orfeo and Eurydice, a brilliant version by Juventus Lyrica.
Great work on the podium by Maestro Hernán Schvartzman.

Sergio Sosa Battaglia, Desde la Platea

Hernán Schvartzman showed his talent with a rich and full of colours reading of the score, harmonising with great precision the pit with the stage. A work deserving the maximum recognition and applause.

Prof. Christian Lauria. Operaworld

Hernán Schvartzman is an excellent conductor, we had already had chance to hear him on a brilliant “Medea” by Cherubini. His work has been impecable and always in style and with an orchestra that responded him constantly. A real excellent job.

Dr Alberto Leal. Opera in the World
Reviews Dr Miracle’s Last Illusion, OPERA2DAY (2016)

De Volkskrant ****
‘artistic fusion at a high level’
De Theaterkrant ****
“A hit”
Place de l’opera:


go see it, go see it

Carlos Singer,

Hernán Schvartzman handled the forces under his baton with good command and a great knowledge of the score: I was sitting in the first row and could see him all the time taking care alternately of the main characters, the choir or the orchestra, he accompagnied them almost whispering their parts or giving clear cues. He achieved a good balance and ensemble between the pit and the stage and at the same time provided the piece with lively tempi, a good frasing and great expressivity. The group responded very well being well in tune and trustable: I was especially surprised by the natural trumpets and horns that although there are even more exposed than the modern instruments, they had a very solid performance…

Alberto Leal, Opera in The World

The performance was exellent as a whole and Mozart’s spirit was always present. From the musical point of view, Argentinean maestro Hernán Schvartzman, nowadays living in The Netherlands, did and excellent job in the coordination between the orchestra and the stage. He was always faithful to the style, with perfectly chosen tempi, delicated sound and the revisionist spirit that tryes in every moment to recreate the original sound concivied by the composer…

Laura Novoa, Clarín

The musical leading of Hernán Schvartzman was very solid…

Josef Oehrlein, Frankfurter Allgemeine

Die Zusammenarbeit von Musikern aus Argentinien und ande- ren Ländern war überaus fruchtbar und das ungewöhnlich homogene, jugendlich- spielfreudige Ensemble argentinischer Sänger derart perfekt, dass diese „Così“ sehr wohl eine beispielhafte Produktion für das Teatro Colón hätte sein können…

Néstor Echevarría, La Prensa

The musical work done by Hernán Schvartzman -Argentinean musician living in The Netherlands and studying in the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of The Hague- was the guider of this version in the task of reconstructing with fidelity the historical sound. And he did it not only with original instruments but also with a team of Argentinean and Foreigner musicians that came especially to Buenos Aires invited by Juventus Lyrica. The musical result was detailed and respectful…

Juan Carlos Montero La Nación

on Sunday’s performance Cosi fan Tutte was excellent […]. The conductor Hernán Schvartzman, naturally the pilar of the opera as a musical form, was in a certain way the main figure of this version, that allowed him to obtain an academic degree in The Netherlands, especially on the second performance achieved a clean Mozartian discourse, delicated and in concordance with the actual revisionist tendency that intedns to reproduce the sonority of the composer’s period…

Ramon Jaques, Una voce poco fa

Argentinean conductor Hernán Schvartzman concerted with rich dinamycs and beautiful colors and especially was able to get from the orchestra, reinforced by musicians from The Hauge Conservatoire a uniform and compact sound…

Moira Soto, Pagina 12 and “Pan y Teatro”

The performance was so good that more that recommended one should prescribe it…

Pablo Bardin, Buenos Aires Herald

“Così fan tutte” has been staged repeatedly in recent seasons, but Juventus Lyrica came up with a rather interesting version, where the young Argentine Hernán Schvartzman, who lives in Holland, led an orchestra made up of a mixture of students of The Hague´s Conservatory and of local players; they played well under the conductor´s alert indications…

Agrippina, G.F.Handel
Massimo Crispi, Una Voce Poco Fa

L’orchestra del Conservatorio dell’Aja era diretta da Hernan Schvartzman che ha concertato il tutto in maniera convincente e con una grande attenzione ai fraseggi, da cui veniva fuori tutto il fascino timbrico e melodico della musica di un Händel trentaquattrenne, maturo, ma giovane e vitale al tempo stesso, intriso di italianità e di luce mediterranea…

Mirko Bertolini,

Il maestro Hernán Schvartzman, molto giovane, ha diretto con perizia in un Teatro quasi pieno…

Claudia Cefalo,

Un plauso sincero va a Hernan Schvartzman, che ha diretto con una costante attenzione ai cantanti (cosa non sempre frequente tra i direttori d’opera), e alla sua orchestra…